The Elem Pomo Nation Dancers begin their cultural performances for 2015: Performed at To Honor One Is to Honor  All LCTHC Graduates Night & The State 38th Annual Honoring Elders Day at the State Indian Museum Sacramento.
Cultural Resources & Events

The Elem Pomo's have a long history of cultural and spiritual ceremonies through dances, songs, blessings, plants, and medicines. The Elem Pomo's have one (1) Sweat House used by the Cultural dancers, singers, and spiritual people of the Pomo families.

Cultural Event Performing for 2015:
- June 4, LCTHC To Honor One To Honor All Grads.
- June 6, 38th Honoring Elders State Indian Museum
-June 19, Robinson Healing 7pm
-June 20, Special Dinner Middletown
- July 11, Sherwood Valley Big Time
- July 17, 18th, Pinoleville Big Time
- July 18, Suscol Pow-wow 11:00am Dance
- August 7, Sacramento Pow-Wow
-August 22, Upper Lake Big Time 11:00am
- August 22,23rd Shingle Springs Big Time
- September 19, River Rock Casino Big Time
- September 26, 27th Round Valley Big Time
- October 10, Indigenous Peoples Day Berkeley
- October 12, Alcatraz Sunrise Ceremony
-October 15, 2015 30th Annual California Conference University of California Berkeley, California
-November 26, 2015 Alcatraz Sunrise Ceremony

All times & dates subject to change and new events still planned. 

Elem youth: Gouyen Brown, Kashoy Brown, and Jordan GarciaGouyen Brown, Kashoy Brown, & Jordan Garcia.
Our dances consist of:

Big Head Ceremonial Dances & Songs, Shake Head Social Dances & Songs, Tule Ball Social Dances & Songs, Hand Game Social Songs, Fire Songs, and Blessing Songs.

 Our dance group consist of Nathan Brown II, Rock Man, Nathan Brown I, Rudy Brown,  Rick Brown,  Matteo Garcia, Woman Dancers Sarah Brown Garcia,  Sarita Garcia,  Kashoy Brown, Jordan Garcia, Gouyen Brown, and Stormy Brown, and Sky Brown.

May The Great Spirit Bless All In The Years To Come