Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Act

New Grant by California Rural Indian Health Board for ACORNS Project (Advancing California Opportunities to 
Renew Native Health Systems) providing up to $30,000 the first year offered to Elem Indian Colony Pomo Tribe.

Grant by CDC on Mental Health issues and diseases such as Diabetes to offer prevention and purchase of health 
equipment for the Tribe.

Circle of Native Minds Cultural Healing Center holds Cultural Advisory Council Meetings the last Monday of each month from 1:30 PM - 3: 00 PM to discuss and identify Native American families needing Cultural Blessings and Cultural roots and medicines for healing.

Lake County Behavioral Health assigns first Native American, Sheila Rosenau as Coordinator over Prop. 63 Wellness Centers for Lake County Behavioral Health.

Elem has now over 5 Tribal Members certified as QPR for Suicide Training & ASIST Trainers for Suicide as well.