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Learn Elem’s Native Language with Elder Thomas L Brown

(Po) is pulling earth the sound (Mo) means earths holes. Therefore, the word Pomo derived from  people pulling earth from holes to build and have tools for trade and survival. The Elem/Mfo of Southeastern Lake County, California is the oldest cultural site of all the Pomo Nations. As there is about 23 Pomo Tribes of Northern California covering the three (3) Counties of Lake, Mendocino, and Sonoma. There are seven (7) of these Pomo Tribes in Lake County alone and they still have different dialects and some the same or similar. Okay this is the introduction of the Cultural Site for Elem Indian Colony as I will be providing the languages, songs, and dances periodically. OH

Ts-ma Ewebtee – Good MorningHekathema – How Are You

Aolithe – Im fine 

Kwa- Food – English version sound Ca/wah

Olithe-Walka- Take Care, be well – English Version Sound Old-lith-wall-ca

Kwi – Baby – English Version Sound – Cah-wee

Key – Laugh – English Version Sound – Key

Ya – Wind – English Version Sound – Yah

Kno-Mountain – English Version Sound – Kay- no

Sen- Rain – English Version sound– Send

Moon – Aweda- English Version Sound – Ah-weed-da

Da – Sun – English Version Sound – Dah

Tsadwa- North – English Version Sound – Tah-sod-wah

Knoqna- South – English Version Sound = h- no -quaw- nah

Xamlelwa – East – English Version Sound – Come-lay – law

Ana- West – English Version Sound – Anna

 Okay, Olithe Walka


1 – Dunn – English version sound – Done

2 – Hos – English version sound – Hose

3 – Xokat – English version sound – ho cuts

4 – Dako – English version sound – da-go

5 – Talko – English version sound – Tall-go

6 – Xowalkut – English version sound– wall -oh- cut

7 – Shepathetha – English version sound – shep-ah-thee-the

8 – Panamoostha – English version sound – Pond-ah-moose-thaoa

9 – Xot pa shem – English version sound – Hut-pa- a -shem

10 – Pa-shem – English version sound – Pa – ah -shem


The Elem Pomo Nation provides three (3) types of dancing and they are as follows:


  1. Social Dance – The Shake Head which is a social dance that can be performed at open and public events where pictures and video can be used and taken. The Shake Head consist of a singer, rock man, and drummer. Along with at least 4 men or boy dancers and several woman and girl dancers.
  2. Social Dance – The Ball Dance which consist of a singer, ball basket holder, and at least 4 -10 Men or boys and 4 -10 Women or girls. This Ball Dances are usually performed after the Big Head Ceremony or can be at open and public events and pictures and video can be taken of this dance.
  3. Ceremonial Dance – The Big Head Dance which is only performed in a designated Round House or Sweat House which consist of  2 singers, 4 Hella Ma’s, 4 Head Dancers, and one leader dancer.


The songs for these three dances are different and are used for only these selective songs of the singer when performed. Also, there are blessing songs for good luck, funeral, healings, fire songs, and opening prayers for traditional events selected by the singer.G


Great Blessings to all,

Thomas Leon Brown, Cultural Director