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Tribal Council

Our Tribal Council

It is our belief that the present is sacred and the past is just a memory of what was good and what was bad. Our families are becoming larger and stronger to support our Tribal Government to prepare for the future of our Grandchildren as they continue to learn their culture and keep their sacredness.

Remember, it is not where we live now but where you came from before. Once a Pomo always a Pomo. Our Pomo Culture is in our blood no matter where we are.

Our motto from a Native Ancestor
“Less Thunder in the Mouth
More action in the hands”

Agustin Garcia, Tribal Chairman – a.garcia@elemindiancolony.org

Sarah Brown Garcia, Secretary/Treasurer – s.garcia@elemindiancolony.org

April Popaditch, Vice-Chair – a.popaditch@elemindiancolony.org

Member At Large:
Penny Moranda – p.moranda@elemindiancolony.org
BIA Letter of Reconnection can be read here