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Job Placement Program & Training

A. Request Application for financial assistance with obtaining new Job:
     1. Provide Employers information of type of business, employers address , start date, and your new position.
B. Relocation for new Job financial assistance:
     1. Provide lease agreement with date you need to be in the new place.
C. New Job Clothing and Transportation Assistance:
     1. Indicate type of clothing and type of transportation assistance needed.
D. Vocational Training Assistance:
     1. Provide name of Training Facility and type of training offered.
     2. Provide cost of training and when you complete the training course.
E. Vocational Training Clothing & Transportation:
     1. Provide the type of clothing needed for completion of the training.
     2. Provide the type of transportation assistance you need to get to and from the training.
NOTE: Complete an applications for support assistance for all of these services as you may be eligible as long as their is funding available.
In addition, we are a member of the California Indian Manpower Consortium so you may contact any CIMC office for assistance in job resume and application

California Indian Manpower Consortium is a Employment, Training, and Start you own business training programs if your are interested contact Richard Billy III at 707-467-5932.